Chantilly Couple Under Veil

Fairy tales….

When it comes to choosing a color palette for your wedding, inspiration is all around you. Since as far back as I can remember I have had “favorite” colors.  I remember when the first pack of crayola crayons was opened in front of me,  how triumphant I felt as I snatch up the sky blue crayon. It was the most beautiful color I had ever seen and the only one I was interested in scribbling with.  Throughout the years my favorites have continually changed. As my creativity has developed over the years I find myself obsessed and intrigued with all of the incredible combinations of color.   They are endless! I have come to a point in my sense of design that no matter where I am, I start grouping objects together with their complimenting counterparts. It sounds crazy, I know,  but it has become innately part of me.

Today, as I was loading new photos into our photo gallery I immediately began grouping this one with that one, and that one with this one….I threw this combination of fairy gems together and immediately began planning another wedding around it.

inspiration deep fairy tones hydrangnea bouquetThe blissful array of colors that exists in the deep woods, where I imagine fairies live and play forever in their bliss, is truly magical. Bright mossy greens, opulent violets and magentas, playful lavender blue, and the deepest purples all glistening with drops of dew that magnify their beauty. These colors create a setting that is full of whimsical royalty.

inspiration orchid pistachio macaronsIn creating and designing I love to take seemingly opposite colors, textiles, or themes and then artistically, (or sometimes haphazardly) combining them into something uniquely beautiful. If you think about it, that is often what happens with marriage. Two individuals with their seemingly different families, are woven ever so cleverly together until they become something wonderfully unique and inseparably beautiful.

chantilly couple under veil

Our differences have the capability of bringing out each others complementary qualities, filling in the missing pieces and making us complete. I have never seen a fairy, and I can’t honestly say that I believe in them, nor do I believe that there is such a thing as a perfect marriage,  but I have certainly seen plenty of fairy tales come true….and I do believe that true love stories really never have an ending…..

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