“Purse”-onal Flowers

Exciting and endless are the possibilities that are associated with flowers. Perhaps one of the most beautiful things in this world is when the natural beauty of the earth is placed in the hands of a gifted floral designer who can take something already so magnificent and turn it into something truly awe-inspiring. My mind runs in every direction when it comes to wedding flowers. From traditionally classic, to the incredibly unexpected, and everywhere in between.This holds true with these adorable evening clutches carried by the bridesmaids. Instead of a predictable bouquet of flowers, succulents were transformed into fashionable brooches and pinned to the front of each purse.

As with all aspects of your wedding, a budget needs to be established long before you start dreaming, and with flowers this is more true than anywhere else. Although traditions have adapted to meet the various situations of each couple and their families, it is still customary in most cases for the groom’s side to cover the cost of the formal flowers, while the bride traditionally covers the cost of the decorative flowers. In consideration of this, it is always a good idea to discuss with all those who will be contributing, exactly what the budget is that you will have to work with. Keep in mind that breathtaking flowers aren’t always expensive but take note that they can be, so speak openly with your florist and let them know the perimeters of the budget that you need to work within.

When considering a florist for your wedding find one that seems to connect with you and your vision and then let their talents run free with your ideas. Be mindful that flowers aren’t produced in a factory and therefore the flowers of your dreams may not be in season at the time of your wedding, making them expensive, of lesser quality, and possibly not even available at all. Be flexible. Be open to suggestions of what will produce the most promising results for your wedding day. Start dreaming and planning now….
your fashion forward flowers are about to blossom.

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