Vintage Postcard I Thee Wedd

Stepping back in time…

Upon entering a Historical Mansion the question is often raised as to whether or not it is haunted. One can only imagine if it is or not, but during our renovation we made a remarkable discovery. The floors throughout this amazing estate are flawlessly free of any blemishes or knots. Immaculate in every way. We concluded that it was imperative that we remove all of the carpet and return the floors to their original state. Painstakingly we removed the carpet, the padding, and one by one the staples. Much to our delight the floors were in pretty good shape and required only a brisk sanding and then a lavish satin seal. The floor doctor went to work sanding for nearly 4 days straight. After carefully applying the final layer of sealant, we all stood at the threshold of the room and admired the impeccable end result. We closed the tri-fold doors tightly and locked up for the night.

We returned early the next morning to an astonishing sight. The doors were still shut and clearly undisturbed, but as we peered through the glass panes in the doors we saw multiple footprints in random unconnected patterns throughout the floor. We examined it closer, getting down on our hands and knees to feel the finish. To our amazement and disbelief it was smooth and unscathed.

Gradually we found ourselves unable to come to a reasonable explanation and so our conclusion was that it must have been ghosts who had gleefully danced the night away without any regard for the newly finished floor. After all, we have been given multiple accounts of a familiar apparition that has been frequently heard or spotted on many occasions walking the halls of the manor… A butler who deemed himself an invisible heir to the estate after his death. We examined the footprints more closely, trying to map out their point of entrance and departure. Some seemed to have entered through the walls, others seemed to have floated down from the ceiling landing directly in the center of the room. Some footprints appeared to be jumping from place to place, while others entered through the locked doors and then clearly mapped out some sort of waltz. Some were undoubtedly from children while others obviously belonged to adults. We never really came up with a conclusive answer as to where these footprints originated nor how they suddenly appeared overnight, but we have grown rather fond of them. When we walk among them we feel as though we too… are stepping back in time.

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