The Little Bride

Isn’t it amazing how little girls somehow just know what a bride is. I suppose in our youthful folly a bride is really the tangible princess that lives in each of us. After all, We grew up watching Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle… all fall in love and get married, in a beautiful dress, with beautiful hair, and flawless make-up, to a handsome prince and live happily ever after, and as we watched them over and over we all dreamed and believed that one day our prince would come.

And then one day, almost without warning you find him, (or he finds you), and suddenly you realize that you are about to live the fairytale. YOU will be the one in the amazing dress, with gorgeous hair, and stunning make-up… and that my dear is when the panic sets in.

Take a deep breath…let it out slowly. Channel the little girl in you who believes she can do and be anything. Come with me to the swing set. Remember and picture yourself leaning forwards and backwards, pushing and pulling on the chain with all of your might, eyebrows scrunched together as you focus and build momentum with every effort until finally…you are flying, high into the clouds with your eyes closed and your cheeks pressed upwards by the corners of your mouth and suddenly you are in a world that only you have been to. You are the princess…Sweet, happy, content…watch closely now…do you see her?

It is you…finally… here comes the bride.

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