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Versatile Veils…

Every bride knows that finding the perfect dress is really only half of the fashion hunt. Finding just the right accessory for your head can prove equally as challenging, but let’s admit it ladies…it’s challenges like these that make us grateful to be women! Its a tough job, but somebody has to do it. As with most of the joyous decisions you have to make in the interest of your wedding, there are so many options. The choices of what to do with your hair and what to put in it or on it are endless. Some outrageous, some audacious, some sweet, simple, and demure. From Fascinators to tiaras, couture cages to traditional veils, long or short, simple or ornate, the options go on and on. This crowning accessory often presents itself as the signature of each bride’s true identity.

Among the most traditional as well as a personal favorite of mine are bridal veils. I love the way they bring innocence and intrigue to every bride. The veil shown above is actually two veils doubled up back to back, allowing the bride to pull it forward just barely covering her eyes or to flip it back forming a sophisticated timeless design. So go ahead find the most heart stopping, the most eye popping…most show stopping style…because after all you will be the only bride at the party!

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